Prof. Zbigniew

Lawyer, member of the faculty of the Jagiellonian University
“SIEMACHA is the best voluntary organisation that I know. Its distinctive factors are their confidence and élan in the work they carry out and absolute financial transparency. I have been proud to support its operation for many years”.


CEO of TriGranit Development Corporation
“SIEMACHA is voluntary community project of profound significance for Poland and Europe, and I believe Father Andrzej Augustyński CM to be a contemporary national hero”.


Honorary Patron of PROGRES Sports Academy
“Sport and education must go hand in hand. Through sport, young people acquire an important experience of community: they build teams, learn to observe the rules, pursue a goal they share, and experience victories and defeats. What SIEMACHA does in this area is magnificent”.


President of the Board of the PKO Bank Polski
“SIEMACHA gives young people plenty of joy because it offers them a place where they can meet and make friends, exchange opinions, and sometimes even bicker so as to finally reach an understanding and grow up together. It gives young people social skills that will prove extremely important in adult life”.

Anna Maria

Vocalist, pianist, composer
“I have spent one of the most beautiful Christmas evenings with you. Sing on: you’re do it wonderfully!”.

"MAKINO" Kobyliński

The oldest living pupil of the Father Kazimierz Siemaszko “Educational Facility”
“I am SIEMACHA! You too are SIEMACHA when you are building a community of peers, with respect for one another, and when you gain new skills”.


Mayor of the Town and Township of Wieliczka
"There comes a time in the life of every one of us when we need a place like SIEMACHA. When I visited the new facility in Odporyszów and then opened the new facility in Wieliczka I understood the great social mission of this organisation".


Olympic Champion, Director and creator of Tour de Pologne
„In 2014, SIEMACHA Association – a voluntary community organisation – will for the first time join the ranks of Poland’s greatest bicycle race: Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour. We find working with SIEMACHA a perfect opportunity to promote cycling among children and young people”.

prof. Stanisław

World-renowned geophysicist, Member of the SIEMACHA Association Supervisory Committee
“The high standards and growth dynamics of SIEMACHA prove that a group of people who are keen, led by a visionary like Father Augustyński, are capable of achieving a lot. SIEMACHA is a fantastic home from home for many young people. We also have the luck to bask in the warmth of its fireside”.


Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace
"I congratulate you on the terrific job! I can see that you know perfectly well already that sport and education are inseparable. Sport goes far beyond medals. Sport teaches life values, supports self confidence and strengthens bonds with others".

Kard. Franciszek

Cardinal, former Archbishop of Cracow, Honorary Member of SIEMACHA Association
“SIEMACHA Spots are the other home for many young people. The time spent here is always a time for growing to maturity before God and people. May the Lord grant you joy, lead you along straight paths, open your hearts to the others, guard you, and bless you”.


Pastor, Evangelical theologian from Germany
“The phenomenon of SIEMACHA is founded on an exceedingly skilful combination of the traditional with the modern. Old and tested ways of solving problems have gained a very modern application. SIEMACHA is in the European avant-garde”.


President of Krakow
"SIEMACHA is second to none, in scale and in quality of action. Thanks to the collaboration with SIEMACHA Krakow now has the best and most modern network of day care facilities for the youth and children. I congratulate you from the heart and I thank you for the priceless 20-year-long collaboration with our City".


World wide famous gourmet critic, historian and traveller
“SIEMACHA is as deeply rooted in Kraków as the Kościuszko Mound”.


Rockman, vocalist and leader of the well known band "Perfect"
“I have left here my heart and mind, I’ve left all that is best in me”.


Vocalist, lyricist, composer
“It is really nice to see a motivated group of people who want to do something with their lives and to achieve something. If you have a passion – whether it is sport, singing, or mathematics – you have got to immerse all of yourself in it”.


President of the Board of Develop Investment Company
“SIEMACHA is first of all a belief in the power of young people and proof that we are capable of creating fantastic things together. The fact that there are places where young people can spend their time creatively is inspiring. The presence of SIEMACHA at the Millennium Hall in Rzeszów will expand the social function of this centre”.


Entrepreneur, athlete, philanthropist. The first polish driver to win Dakar Rally in 2015
“I’ve worked with SIEMACHA for over 21 years. I know that it is an expertly managed organisation that works transparently with long-term objectives in mind. It gives me great joy to know that I participate in creating the future for young people”.


President of the European Council, former Prime Minister of of Poland
“I did not have much faith in the possibility of recapturing something that is fading into the past, however important and holy I found it, that is, the backyard that you can build anew. All it took was a great priest, a generous entrepreneur, and local authorities with imagination”.